Solo Deep Frost

The company’s well-established presence within the business of commercial refrigeration, her vast experience in HVAC&R engineering served as base for developing a solo-deep freezing machine of a new generation – SDF.

The SDF-model is a machine for shock-freezing of granulated products in constant flow. The machine is very useful in deep-freezing of various materials of granulated stuff – fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish and see food.

The machine is unique in its mode of operation, which is characterized by reduced energy of fluidization while the products are being frozen each piece separately in itself. This, further on, reduces the required amount of cold production, thus decreasing the amount of electricity expenses.

Generally, the principal of operation of the SDF machine is moving a stream of particulate products on a perforated bed while being subjected to a strong flow of cold air, supplied from underneath. The combination of perforated bed and a narrowing in the machine generate, in practice, partial fluidization of the particulate stuff, which in itself created perfect conditions to freeze each little piece separately. Further, the product is transported by the means of vibrating the bed.

The final results of the implementation of the SDF-machine are hard to exaggerate:

–        Reduced time and energy of freezing

–        Low desiccation of the product – thanks to the fast freezing most of the moisture remains in the product

–        Shape of even the most gentle products is preserved

–        The texture and colour of the products are preserved to the maximum possible level

The SDF-model is designed to be very versatile. Each machine is custom-engineered and manufactured. The process is controlled by a microcomputer and can be tailored with precision to any requirement.

One of the most valuable feature of the machine is that it is constructed as a self-containing box, thus it is mobile and can be relocated with ease should the need for it arrives. This fact is extremely important, since instead of transporting tons of product to distant facilities, the machine can come to the product.

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