Insulation of existing truck bodies

Изолация на камиони

Insulation of existing truck bodies

Numerous are the advantages that insulated boxes, knows also as reefers and insulated superstructures, have over insulated vans. Much larger cargo capacity and docking conveniences, to mention as a start. However, the cost of the boxes surpasses by far the cost of insulating a van.

Cost is a major concern, especially in small and mid-sized companies, inherently not able to enjoy the economy of scale. Therefore, true to her traditions in seeking and finding optimal solutions, Seal,Ltd. has been for years now accelerating her activity in the field, generally in two directions:

– Manufacturing and installation of new reefers

– Conversion of existing non-insulated boxes into refrigerated ones

Manufacturing of insulations and insulated panels is done completely inside the company and has been a major participant in the company’s business for more than 5 years. During this period, owing to the unique combination of conservatism and innovation, namely – using tried and tested materials and methods, and introduction of innovative ones, the company has been able to turn the production process into a source of high-quality inexpensive insulation solutions.

The new insulated boxes are constructed of insulated panels of unique composition – smooth GRP surfaces, polyurethane filling and reinforcements on the edges to strengthen the panel itself, as well as the binding between the panels in the reefer. The surfaces combine it themselves aesthetical appearance, compliance with the sanitary requirements and exceptional durability and resistance to tear and wear.

The floor panels are constructed so as to hold the box, the cargo and the load, and withstand the road conditions, which vary vastly with the seasons. The reefers are made with strength and longevity in mind, especially – those of the insulating properties, which, after all, is the general idea of the refrigerated boxes.

The company has also developed a technology of converting an existing truck bodies into isothermal by laying insulation inside. The benefits of such a conversion are obvious – a plain vehicle is transformed into a special one, while the expense of insulating it is far less than buying a specialized reefer and installing it on the vehicle.

The products of Seal,Ltd. in this respect hold the trade mark of FrigoBox, which has been backed by professionalism, experience, innovation and concern for the customers.


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