Cold Rooms and Deep Freezers

Seal, Ltd has specialized in design, engineering and installation of commercial refrigeration and climate-conrol systems as part of providing her customers with complete HVAC&R solutions.

On one hand stand items for processing and storage of products – such as units and chambers for shock-freezing, fresh and frosen storage facilities for various types of products – from agricultural products to sea food, both in natural and processed state.

On the other hand there are the air-conditioning and climate-control systems, providing the necessary inter-enterprisal conditions following the technological requirements for any specific processing and manufacturing activity.

The company has well-established presence withing the small and mid-size companies within the sector. This is mainly due to the individual approach to any particular client and any particular requirement. Any system is carefully engineered to precisely match the necessities, this is for one. Second, particular attention is paid to optimisation of the customer value of the system – that is – maximizing the value by perfecting the balance and ration of intial cost to maintenance.

For example, the company has constructed complete systems, comprising of multiple temperature circuits – freezing, cooling and air-conditioning all on the same cooling unit, thus using the same, larger and more efficient equipment.

Seal, Ltd. has also specialized in service, repair and maintenance of cooling, refrigeration and climate-control systems of various kinds and sizes, including service and maintenance of marine equipment.

In her activities, the company has adopted strict implementation of following the highest standards in the business, as well as the best practices and latest innovations. Also, the best and well-tested components and materials are used, manufactured by leading European manufacturers – compressors Bitzer, Copeland, Dorin, Aspera, Bock, L’Unite Hermetique, evaporators Helpman, Guntner, ECO, automation of Danfoss, Alco, Henry, Castes, Dixel, Carly and many others.

The unique combination of the above factors has enables the Seal,Ltd.’s products and services to stand out as ones of extreme infallibility, reliability and longevity.


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