HVAC/R Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Seal,Ltd has long-lasting traditions and positions in conducting warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

The compay is licensed under Reg. 842 for manufacturing and maintenance of refrigeration system containing more than 3 kg of greenhouse gasses.

Beside maintaing the systems as a whole, repair and maintenance of individual components also takes place.

Seal, Ltd has extensive experience in maintaing, servising and rebuilding of refrigeration compressors, mainly  of Bitzer, Copeland, Dorin,  Aspera, Bock, L’Unite Hermetique. Repair and rebuilding of such high-value equipment is thourougly conducted within the company, so as to ensure its further infallibility and longevity. Brand new replacement copressors of these brands is also offered.

As part of the servising and maintenance of the regrigeration and air-conditioning equipment there are two very important activities of the company.

The first one is improving the performance of the systems trough updating and upgrading the automation control sub-systems. Again, to ensure continuation of systems’ infallibility and longevity, only high quality components are used – Danfoss, Alco, Henry, Castel, Carly, etc.

Another aspect is producing and providing of additional accessories and their installation. For example – supply of silicon curtains to reduce cold loss during door-opened time, as well as updating and upgrading the insulation and hermetical properties of the doors, seals and sanitary elements.

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