Insulation of vans and minibusses

511c21fc94c17One of the most popular solutions for retail delivery of perishable and food products is, undoubtedly, the use of thermo-insulated vans. When it comes to transportation of small loads of individually packed parcels, the advantages of the refrigerated van before trucks and reefers are more than obvious – much lower initial investment and great economy in running costs.

Especially great cost-effectiveness, naturally, can be achieved by converting used vans into refrigerated ones. In most of the cases “new life” is supplied to a tried and tested reliable vehicle. Beside the new functionality, the internal GRP shiny surfaces add aesthetics, too.

The abovementioned is just a part of the reasons why Seal,Ltd. developed and optimized a technology and systematics of converting a common van into a refrigerated vehicle.

The company’s experience in these “renovations” is vast – until now to such conversion have been subjected tens of vehicles – each new one more different than the previous, both in make, model and configuration.

This great experience, in combination with the company’s attention to detail, ensures the high quality of the final product. For example – great attention and effort is paid to insulating of the doors – their complex configuration can be the cause of loss of cooling energy due to imperfect construction of their insulation.

Alongside this, it is necessary to emphasize the importance which the company grants to the individual approach to any client. The clients’ requirements are various, just as are the makes and models, and the conditions of the vehicles, subjected to conversion. For each particular case the optimal insulation configuration is designed and engineered – degree of insulation (fresh/frozen), surface covers, etc.

The products of Seal,Ltd in this activity bear the trade mark FrigoVan, a name which is vastly known in the business of commercial refrigeration transport. The satisfaction which this mark gives our clients is the base on which our company takes pride in well-adjusted technology and the quality of the job done.

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