Thermal insulation of trucks, vans and reefers

After having established herself as a reliable partner in stationery refrigeration and air-conditioning, it was a natural continuation that Seal,Ltd. started her activity in the field of thermal insulation for mobile cooling and refrigeration.
For establishing a firm foothold in the sphere, based on deep reseach and optimisation, the company developed her own technology for manufacturing vehicle-intended insulation systems.
Those systems are generally differentiated into two main directions.
FrigoVan – Insulation solutions suitable for vans and trucks and vehicles with existing cargo compartments. Insulation comprises of polyurethane foam of different thickness, closely dependent of the intended temperature range. Inside surfaces are glass-fibre-resin (GRP) composite, coloured after RAL 9016. Front wall and ceilings are reinforced to hold the cooling units. Floors are also insulated with PU, water-resistant plywood and durable and long-lasting self-levelling covering.
FrigoBox – insulated and refrigerated boxes, suited for vehicle with frames. The reefers are constructed of walls and roofs manufactured and combined throug unique technology. These are PU-sandwich panels with inner and outer surfaces of GRP composits, with reinforcement as needed. The front panel and roof are also reinforced for mounting the refrigeration/cooling units.
Two main types of insulation is used:
– For fresh/chilled products (0-3C) : wall thickness of 65mm, К ≤ 0.7 W/m2k.
– For frozen products (-18° to -20 С): wall thickness of 85 mm, К ≤ 0.4 W/m2k.
Advantages of FrigoBox insulation:
– Custom-made reefer, tailored to any and all personal requirements
– Superb materials and components – carefully chosen for best customer value
– Lightweight construction in comparison with similar products, while durability and longevity retained
– Aesthetical outer appearance
To further reduce temperature losses during load/unload with doors open, silicon curtains may be installed at the doors.