Refrigeration Units and Systems

Хладилни камери от фирма Seal-bs

Хладилни камери от фирма Seal-bs

Seal,Ltd. supplies various complete solutions for cooling, refrigeration and air-conditioning with vast areas of application.

We offer:

–        Cooling, refrigeration and climate-control installation for various purposes

–        Compressor-based refrigeration systems, inluding multi-temperature cooling circuits connected to one cooling unit

–        Climate-control systems for temperature control in production zones and areas

–        Hydronic cooling systems (chillers) with vast areas of application. Main types – “water-to-water” and “air-to-air”, of different cooling capacities and temperatures of the cooling liquid.

During design, engineering and implementation of the cooling systems a great deal of attention is paid to their optimization. For example – the number of the power units, their capacities and working parameters are chosen so that to the maximum extent possible one and the same unit powers different cooling circuits. Thus, economy of scale is achieved, since larger systems are more efficient, which in turn leads to serious cuts in exploitation costs.

In implementing and optimization of the installations we use different types and brands of compressors – Bitzer, Copeland, Danfoss, Maneurop, Dorin, Frascold, L’Unite Hermetique. One thing that does not differ, however, is the quality, reliability and longevity of the powering units we apply. Same goes for the evaporators, condensers, automatic controls and the rest. Such firm approach to execution has ensured our company’s presence on the market, as wellas lots of happy clients.

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