Transport Refrigeration Maintenance

During the last several years Seal,Ltd had specilized in installing, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of transport refrigeration units and systems.

The units we service are of various types and intended for various applications – they may be installed on small, medium, and large vans and trucks, sustaining temperatures from +12 to – 25° С. The units also come in many configuration – road only, stand-by only, and combination of both, suiting the customers’ specific needs.

The company has always stood out with its loyalty and professionalism, high-quality services, and last but not least – competitive prices. The combination of those almost singles the company out within the business of maintenance, sales and installing transportation refrigeration.

The company’s team has always had the customers’ interests at heart and we have been equally thorough in our activities, regardles of the size of the client company – large, medium or small – makes no difference with us.

We have paid a great attention to maintenance of the units to the best possible extend, since not few of them are working beyond their expected working hours ranges. After all, the proper maintenance and repair are the only thing that can ensure further longevity of the units. Testing and diagnostics of units’ are conducted according strict company rules, abiding the latest best practices in the business. Same goes for the components and materials used in either servicing or repair of the equipment. Again, since the customer value of a cooling or refrigeration unit is high, so are the expectations of reliabilty, thus- so are our efforts to supply old units with new life.

A refference to our high-quality maintenance and best service can be found in the long list of clients, who have been trusting and counting  on us for more than 13 years now in the business of transport refrigeration.

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