Insulated Vehicles Repair

It is a well-known fact, that transport refrigeration relies on a unitary system of insulation and cooling unit – neither of them alone can provide reliable sustaining of the temperature desired.

Often, transport cooling units are found in excellent condition, while the insulation of the vehicle has been seriously compromised.

Deterioration of the insulation, regardless of the vehicle type – isothermal van or box, substantially reduces the exploitation parameters of the refrigerated vehicle and generates a great number of problems and discomfort, which, on their part, reduce the effectiveness of the transportation, freight, or delivery service.

The most common cause of insulation deterioration is rupture or other damage of the inner or the outer surfaces on the insulated panels and the bonds between them. This usually happens in result of colliding with an obstacle, another vehicle, docking and loading facilities, etc. Sometimes the damage is only on the inner surface, caused by an impact while loading, or unsecured cargo.

Not always, however, the damage can equal complete breakdown, and replacement of the whole insulation is unnecessary, unlike its repair.

Our company is highly specialized in eliminating such insulation problems, with the final result being – complete recovery of the insulating capability and solidity of the refrigerated van or truck.

Since we take our clients’ interests at heart, while attempting to reduce the cost of repairs, we try to keep the existing structures at the maximum possible extent. When this is not feasible, whole walls and roofs are replaced.

In our company very special attention is paid to floors of the refrigerated vehicles. Floors and floor panels are the subjected to the most severe tear and wear –as a supporting body both for the cargo and the insulated box itself. On the other hand, the underside of the floor panel is continuously subjected to the adverse effect of the road conditions. Even the smallest damages to the integrity of the underneath covering leads to moisture entering the floor panel, thus critically mutilating its insulation and supporting properties.

These are the reasons our company delivers services on partial of complete restoration of vehicle insulation.

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