Marine Refrigeration Maintenance

An important sphere in Seal.Ltd’s activities is the maintenance of port, dock and marine vessel HVACR equipment.

Our company has established herself as the main, if not –exclusive, contractor for the maintenance and repair of the cooling, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment in the Port of Burgas.

On one hand, we provide the maintenance and repair services to the Port itself and its vast array of cooling, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and facilities of different type and cooling capacity – storage rooms and refrigeration, stationary and vehicle air-conditioning, etc.

On the other hand, our company is the preferred partner of the shipping agents in the area. On their behalf we have serviced a great amount of marine equipment, including marine refrigerated containers. Our quality of service, rapid response and selflessness at night work has won the appraisal of agents and captains alike.

Last, but not least – Seal,Ltd is a trusted partner of the Burgas-Atia Naval Base. We are proud to have fundamentally serviced the cooling and air-conditioning systems of The Drazki and The Gordi frigates.

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